Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Studio/Craft Room, phase one REVEAL!

Do I even have to mention that it's a work in progress???

I still have some projects to work on and fun goodies to arrange on the walls but I couldn't resist showing you the results so far!!

Your first peek as you come from down the hall. It delights me every time!

What you see when you walk in the double doors. Yep, the dresser drawers are still wonky. It's on the honey-do list.

The dresser hutch is the focal point of this room for sure. I know I'll always be rearranging things and that's part of the fun! I'm thinking about painting the back of the hutch pink. Whaddaya think??

I was so happy to be able to use this green "tower" to store and display my small amount of fabric that I use for making flowers. I like to SEE my pretty stuff! Plus my friends can pick through it to make a project of their own. I like everything to be user-friendly!

My tea station. I'd love to add a Keurig or French press eventually. I know some people prefer coffee, some prefer tea! I'm happy to cater to either. If you're an "I'll just have some water" type, bring your own. Hehe. I thought I was clever, putting fabric in the toast holder!

My seating area so I can have coffee or tea with a client or friend. {Or my mom!} I'd love for people to come sit and peruse my color and decorating books, too! I'm on the hunt for a bigger table (side table or nightstand, possibly with a drawer and a crystal knob) to paint pink for between the chairs that will fit two cups and saucers comfortably. Function over form, baby! See the pillow cover on the right?? I'd love to find a similar fabric and have a seat cushion made for the wicker chair {I scored for $7 at a neighbor's yard sale}.

My work space/craft table/desk and screen. I scored the screen for $19 from Goodwill WITH the $70 Hobby Lobby tag still on it!

Here's what on my table at the moment. The fabric samples I ordered to help me decide on what to use for our family room curtains. The turquoise and gray colors are what we already have in the house {this room was painted 'TAME TEAL' (the second one down) FROM SHERWIN WILLIAMS}, the yellow will be a POP color. Our final decision on fabric will be coming in a future post! :)

Wondering what is hiding behind that screen?? {I'd would be! I'm the curious sort who has to resist the urge to peek inside your bathtub or medicine cabinet when I use the guest bathroom!}

THIS mess!! My boys will be watching TV and playing X-box in the back of my room so we're working on getting their area better organized. For now, the screen hides it perfectly!

PHASE TWO will include my craft supply storage, bookcase and wall art!

What is in YOUR dream studio??

And if you're wondering where I got anything you see here, I'm happy to tell you (if I can remember). Just e-mail me or leave a comment!

If you want me to help you bravely choose the colors you love, Hire Me!.

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  1. I want your garden seat!!!!! Ballard Design keeps teasing me with their crazy priced ones!!! A friend got hers at goodwill for less than $15, so I am hoping that sometime in my future I will have one too! I read online that they paint well, so if you want to change colors it should be a breeze!!! Christi


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