Monday, September 5, 2011

What Color Collection inspires you?

My job is to help people pick colors that are right for them so I love it when companies make that task simple, FUN & easy!

Did you know that Sherwin Williams and HGTV teamed up to create eight "HGTV HOME by Sherwin Williams Color Collections???"

They are a collection of TWENTY paint colors that ALL go together! This is what the inside of the "brochure" looks like that you can get from your local Sherwin Williams store. EVERY color on the page goes with ALL the other colors!

{the Livable Luxe Color Collection}

As the brochure says... "Every color in this palette works beautifully together. Just pick the ones that move you most - as many or as few as you like! Use them as a guide when shopping for home decor as well."

I love the idea of helping a client pick 2-3 wall colors from the collection, then using the rest of the colors to select furniture, accent pieces, artwork and accessories to complete the room, CONFIDENT that everything will coordinate. It's perfect to take along on shopping trips, too.

WONDERING WHICH COLLECTION IS RIGHT FOR YOU? The best way to find out is, of course, to Hire Me!

Beyond that, I encourage you to explore the eight collection and decide which one speaks to you or which one best represents the "vibe" you want to create in your space.

Have fun exploring!


COASTAL COOL:: peaceful : inviting : fresh

COLOR PIZAZZ:: creative : dramatic : eclectic

GLOBAL SPICE:: bold : wordly : unique

LIVABLE LUXE:: modern : elegant : timeless

NEUTRAL NUANCE:: beautiful : understated : authentic

RUSTIC REFINED:: romantic : timeless : natural

TRADITIONAL TWIST:: timeless : confident : bold

URBAN ORGANIC:: grounded : comfortable : fresh

For example....{from the GLOBAL SPICE collection}...

if your walls are "Resort Tan"...

...with perhaps a "Framboise" accent wall...

...then you know that a couch, for example, in "Loggia" will be lovely!

Then you can look for accessories, rugs and artwork that tie in colors like "Honeycomb" ...

...and "Peppery."

All of the above pictured colors are from The Global Spice collection which, by the way, most closely resembles the colors I used in my previous home.

{our Avondale home, staged for sale}

The color palette for our CURRENT home, however, is quite different! It's closest to the "COASTAL COOL." In fact, our wall color, "Sea Salt," is one of the colors in the collection!

{the colors in our Chandler home}

Looking at the "Coastal Cool" colors together, it's easy for me to see that IF we had wanted a true gray on the walls, we would have needed to use "Comfort Gray." Looking at this palette, I can see that I can easily accent my soothing blues and greens with turquoise (which was in my original plan) plus POPS of emerald green, cobalt blue and even purple. How fun is that!?!?

SO WHICH COLLECTION IS THE MOST "YOU?" I highly recommend perusing the Color Collections HERE.

Still too scared of choosing colors?? Hire Me!

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with (nor being compensated by) Sherwin Williams or HGTV in any way. I just love them! :)

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